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How Coconut Water Help In Weight Loss | Health Benefits Of Coconut Water | Nutritional Facts Of Coconut Water

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Coconut water is the clear liquid found inside immature coconut. As the coconut mature the water is replaced by coconut meat. Coconut water is sometime referred to as green coconut water because the immature coconut are green in color. It is commonly used as beverage and as a solution of treating of dehydration. It is also tried to high blood pressure and to improve exercise performance. Naturally refreshing, coconut water has a sweet, nutty taste. It contains easily digested carbohydrate in the form of sugar and electrolyte. Don't be confused with high fat coconut milk or oil, coconut water is cleared water present center in the fruits that is tapped from young, green coconuts. Coconut water has less sugar then many sports drink and much less sugar then sodas, cold drinks, juices. Plain coconut water is a better choice for adults and kids also.

Nutritional Fact Of Coconut Water

 If you consume a cup of coconut water contain 45 calories and carbohydrate make up majority of the calories content with 8.7 grams per cup of serving of which 6.26 grams of sugar According to center of disease control and prevention you need to consume 25 gram of fiber per day and coconut water is provide 2.6 gram of fiber per serving and it contain 2.6 gram of protein and less then 1 gram of fact.

Coconut water offer a good source of vitamins and mineral making it a nutritious drink. Per serving of coconut water provide 5.7 grams of vitamin-C, along with folate, riboflavin, thiamin, niacin and vitamin-B6. Coconut water also can provide mineral including potassium, sodium, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, and zinc.

Benefits Of Drink Coconut Water

  • It prevents dehydration :  Coconut water helps maintain the body fluid level and its potassium content helps maintain water pressure level in cell and blood. In developing countries where clean water is scarce, coconut water can be life saving and save people suffering diarrhea, or cholera.

  • It fuels your brain and muscles : Due to it's electrolyte content, coconut water improves nervous system function and nerve transmission. It helps muscle spasms and cramps
  • It fight aging : Coconut water content a compound called cytokinin, which protect cell from aging and cancer.

  • It aids digestion :  Improves digestion and metabolism through bioactive enzymes. It can also aid the absorption of food.

  • It support immune system : It's lauric acid content is anti fungal, anti bacteria, anti viral. It boost the immune system in fighting and in fighting infection whilst helping to eradicate intenstinal worms and candida.     

How Does Coconut Water Help In Weight Loss

Weight loss

      You mary think that why coconut water for weight loss and not anything else recommended for reducing weight loss. You may find that many foods that help you stay fit and reduce calories for stay fit. You get multiple of benefits from a single cup of coconut water. Reasons of drink coconut water will help you to lose weight.

  • Low In Calories 
  • Increases Metabolic rate
  • Lower Cholesterol
  • Improves Insulin Sensitivity
  • Builds Lean Muscle
  • Supports Thyroid Function
  • Keeps your Body hydrate  

When To Drink Coconut Water

  • After workout
  • Early in the morning with a dash of lime
  • Lunch or post - lunch 
  • After a hectic day 


Drinking coconut water more then once or twice a day can lead to rise in the sugar level. High sugar intake will not help you to lose weight. Coconut water also contain 0.5 grams of saturated fat that is bad fats and will you lead to gain weight. Also avoid package coconut water. Drinking it regularly will help you to stay fit. 

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eggs for weight loss | other health benefits

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nutrition value of eggs

Eggs contain about nine vitamins,eight minerals,two amino acids and many other micro nutrient.
A few important nutrient are calcium,vitamin B12,thiamine,protein.These nutrients are helpful in burning fat.

Eggs for weight loss

Eggs has always has been thought to be a food with high calories and so many people start avoiding it while trying to loose weight.But this is one of the biggest mistakes one can do.Eggs are rich in protein,healthy fats,vitamins and minerals.Eggs could easily be on of the best food to consume in yours regime.Some facts to prove that are-

Eggs boost the metabolism

Eggs are the complete form of protein.It contains all the required amino acids and in right proportion.
Eating a diet high in protein has been shown to increase the metabolism and help in burning more calories due to thermic effect of food.
The thermic effect of food means the amount of energy require by the the body to metabolize the food.And the energy required for proteins is higher than fats or carbs.

Its very cheap and easy to prepare

Eggs are one of the cheapest and most easily available food item.It can be one of best choice for breakfast in a weight loss program.And it is very easy to prepare.
Eggs are tasty in every way we prepare them be it boiled egg,scrambled eggs,poached eggs,omelette etc.
A breakfast which is high in protein and and fats is the best one can have in the morning.This will help in kick start your metabolism.

Eggs are very low in calories

One whole egg contains about 75-80 calories,but it is filled with lots of nutrition.
One egg meal may contain 2-3 eggs.Three whole eggs will constitute about 230 calories.If we add some veggies along with it then it will become an excellent meals as it is a combination of good carbs,protein and fats.
You will have a complete meal under 300 calories and its saves you from consuming high calorie food.

Eggs are high in protein

Eggs contain high amount of protein which allows us to burn fat.It improves our metabolism.
Protein is the most important factor while loosing weight as it helps to maintain our muscle mass.The fact is that if we loose muscle mass during our weight loss it will decrease our metabolism and we might not be able to loose weight.

Presence of vitamin B12 in eggs

Vitamin B12 is necessary for breaking down fat and using it as energy.It works with our metabolic system and helps to remain more active through out the day.This helps us to continuously burn fat after we have consumed eggs.

Recommended dose for Beginners:1-2 whole eggs 
                                   Intermediate:2-3 whole eggs

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Belly fat | 15 easy ways

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After the earlier 90's the abs machine came into existence and many companies started claiming that there abs machine can give them a fat belly.But if you go by scientific method it is not possible to reduce fat from a single part of the body.

Ways to reduce belly fat through these methods-

1. Having food with high fiber

When we consume food with high fiber it gives us the feeling of fullness.So it will prevent the sensation of eating junk food.And when we are eating less junk food we are consuming less calories.This gives us a great chance of loosing belly fat.

2.Having water at right time

One should consume a glass right after getting up from the bed.This will kick start the metabolism which is very important for loosing belly fat.
If we consume a glass of water half an hour before having lunch or dinner,it will prevent us from overeating.There are more chances that we would eat less than our capacity.This will help us to maintain the caloric deficit which is the main requirement for fat loss.

3.lifting weights

Lifting weight helps in reducing belly fat.When a person lift weights he/she will definitely gain some muscles.Higher the muscle mass in the body faster is the metabolism.
Weight lifting not only helps burning few extra calories but hours after the workout also it has tremendous effect on fat loss.
For lifting weights, it is not necessary to go to the gym.You can perform various exercise with a pair of dumbbells or resistance band.You can also perform body weight exercises like push ups, pull ups,squats etc.This will help you gain muscle mass.

4.Having a walk in the park

Go for a nice walk in the evening or morning.Explore your surrounding,you will feel better and also burn some calories.This will cleanse your mind and keep you focus on your fat loss goals.

5.Reduce stress level

Higher levels of stress can cause in rise of hormones like cortisol. Higher level of cortisol will increase your appetite(hunger).
To reduce stress levels try to have sleep of 8 hours.
Get up slowly in the morning.If needed set alarm 15-20 minutes earlier.But a calm morning will set the tempo of your day.try and avoid watching T.V in the morning.

6.Avoid eating junk

People with busy lifestyle tend to eat junk.But junk food does not satisfy the hunger but increases the surge to eat more junk food.Eating junk food not only degrades your health but its one of the main cause of belly fat.
In replacement you can have healthy snacks like peanuts,Channa sattu,Channa masala,omelette, poach etc.

7.Avoid drinking packed fruit juice

Packed fruit juices claim to be natural,but they are far from being so.these packets of natural juices contains a lot of sugar.And sugar is the worst thing to have when you are trying to reduce weight.
If you really want to have fruit juices prepare it yourself with the help of a blender or juicer.


If you own a cycle the you should definitely use it to loose fat.If you are going to buy vegetable,grocery,stationary etc use your cycle to go to these shops instead of using your automobiles.
Riding cycles is similar to a full body workout.So never miss a chance of cycling.

9.Avoid eating sweets

Sweets are the worst thing to have when you are trying to loose weight.Sweets have a glycemic index of 100 which it gets digested very fast,faster than any other food.So when you are having sweet item there is a high chance that most of its calories would be stored as fat.
My suggestion would be that keep your sugar intake to minimum.It would be best if you can avoid it completely while you are trying to loose belly fat.
You can snack on dry fruits instead of candy.

10.Skip the elevator

Loosing belly fat is mainly dependent on the caloric deficit.So skipping the elevator and taking the stairs would help a great deal in maintaining the caloric deficit.Higher the caloric deficit higher would be the amount of fat you loose.

11.have a meal before going out to eat

Try to have something to eat before you go out to eat.It may be salad or a boiled egg.This will prevent you from getting overboard with the food which you get at the restaurants.

12.have a bowl of lite soup instead of a meal

You can definitely go for a bowl of lite soup instead of a meal once or twice a week.This will help you loose some extra pounds.The results you will get would be amazing.

13.Cinnamon for weight loss

Cinnamon actually reduces the insulin sensitivity of your blood.So  actually when you consume any food you will require less insulin to break down the food.This in turn will reduce the chance of converting the food into fat.
When had with any kind of food it will prevent insulin spike.this means with the help of cinnamon the same food will take longer to digest and will provide energy for a longer period of time.
for good results you can add 1 teaspoon of cinnamon to your coffee,oat meal or any kind of homemade drinks.
to know more about cinnamon for weight lossclick here!

14.Have a teaspoon of honey

Honey have several uses and benefits one of which is increasing metabolism.Mix a teaspoon of honey in a glass of warm water and have it first thing in the morning.
This increase in metabolism will help you to loose more belly fat.This process is a slow one but effective and will definitely help you in the long run.

15.Add protein to your diet

Benefits of having eggs during weight loss
Try and add protein to your diet.This will help you maintain the muscle mass while you are trying to loose belly fat.There are high chances that of loosing muscle due to low caloric diet.Loosing muscles will affect the process of loosing belly fat.
Loosing muscles will decrease your metabolism and a slow metabolism means less chances of loosing fat.

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how to reduce weight fast at home

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As we all know there is a lot bad information about loosing weight.
These ways does not help instead they make you depressed and sometimes people end up gaining more weight.
However there are some proven natural ways which can help you loose a lot of weight.Now I am going to give you 10 ways which will help you loose a lot of weight at home.

  1. Drink at least 2-3 liters of water daily-

This is one of the most easiest and effective ways to loose fat.It will flush out all the toxin elements from your gut(stomach).
And when your gut is healthy,you would have a very good digestive system.
Drinking water before a meal will help you in consuming less food.The lesser the amount of food you consume more is the chance to loose weight.
Having water in the morning just after waking up kick starts your metabolism.
drinking water instead of cold drinks will help you save lot of calories.

    2. Eat fats to loose fat

It is a very wrong conception that having fat in diet will increase your weight.Instead of which fat makes your body better in fat mobilizations. 
This means when you are low in energy your body will try to use your stored fat reserves for energy.

    3. Increase your stock of healthy snacks

You can replace the unhealthy snacks like samosa, aloo chop, vara,noodles etc in the evening with snacks like peanuts,almonds,dates,any fruit ,kala chana, chana sattu.

     4. Add protein to your diet

Increase the amount of protein definitely makes sense when it comes to loose fat.It takes longer to get digested keeping us full for longer period of time.
It helps in maintaining and increasing muscle content of our body.More the amount of muscle in your body the faster you would loose weight.
High protein diets have been shown to reduce hunger.

     5. Eat slowly

People you eat faster are more prone to increase weight.It has been researched that human body requires 15-20 minutes to have a feeling of fullness.
So if you eat faster you can easily eat beyond your required limit without feeling full.

      6. Add eggs in your diet

Egg is one of the highest and cheapest source of protein.the high fat and protein content will give the feeling of fullness.
It has been researched that people having eggs loose weight 60% faster than others.

     7. Sleep enough

Most people ignore the fact of sleeping.A sound sleep of 7-8 hours can help you loose a lot more weight.
Sleeping will relieve you of stress which is very important for our growth hormone.This hormone plays a very important role in reducing the fat from our body.


Adding walking to your routine will help to increase the caloric deficit you are trying to create.
Having a 30 minute walk in the morning or evening can make a lot of difference.It will relieve you from stress,connect you with nature and help you loose weight.

     9.Avoid sugar

Avoiding sugar will make the most significant effect in your weight loss program.This is because sugar gets digested very quickly and our body being unable to use the immediate supply stores it as fat.
Avoiding sugar alone can help you loose up to 2 kg of weight in a month.

   10. Avoid having refined foods

The more you stay away from refined items better are your chances of loosing weight.Refined foods like parathas,bread,white rice, soda, pastries etc.
Mostly the items prepared from refined flour.

for more information-

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Cristiano Ronaldo to Juventus

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Christiano Ronaldo to Juventus

cristiano ronaldo to juventus
Photo by Vienna Reyes on Unsplash
Cristiano Ronaldo arguable the best player in the world is now one of the most talked topic.It's not related to the earlier world cup exit, its about his possible transfer to Juventus.
Juventus is the most successful club in Italy. Juventus won successive 7th Serie A tile which took their total tally to 34 titles.
Ronaldo, who joined Real Madrid in 2008 from Manchester United for a record fee of 80 million euros.Since joining Real he has scored 451 goals for them,has won two la-liga titles and 4 champions league titles.

Despite of winnings silverware with Real, the five time world best player of the year has fallen out of favor with Florentino Perez.
Moments after winning the champions league for the third consecutive times Ronaldo suggested that he might leave the Spanish giants.

Transfer reports:

Although it has not been officially declared but it is understood that Real Madrid is looking for Ronaldo's successor.This has not gone well with with Ronaldo and he is looking for a way out.

Real Madrid has not issued any statements on their website,but they have denied launching any bids for Kylian Myappe or Neymar. Real Madrid may also try and sign Egyptian sensation Mohammad Salah or Tottenham maestro Harry Kane.They may also go after Inter Milan's Mario Icardi.

Ronaldo the most capped player for Portugal,and their all time top scorer with 85 goals score twice against in 4-1 win against Juventus in 2017.

This year Ronaldo has been in fascinating form.He has scored goals for fun since the beginning of this year.He also has scored 4 goals in this world cup, including his hat trick against Spain in 3-3 draw.

If the reports come true this would be great news for Turin based club because one of the best player to have played this game is about to join them.This would be a disappointing news for Real fans as their all time scorer would leave them.

According to further reports, Los Blancos will be willing to let the player leave if he publicly explains the reason why he wants to leave the ,as the club still sees no reason for him to leave a club as big as Real Madrid.

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low weight high reps | fat loss | HIIT

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Many people still feel that performing higher no of reps will help will them loose more fat.But this is a complete myth in the fitness industry. Today i am going to burst this myth so that all my viewers are able to loose more fat.

This myth have developed from the fact that the higher amount of time be perform any exercise the soreness we get in our muscles.We also get more tired.This fact is true to some extent as lifting any weight for longer period of time might  help you loose a few extra calories but in the long run it will surely not help.

This fact will help you to understand that better. When people perform higher no of reps with a single weight their ability to lift higher weights goes away. They keep on lifting smaller weights. If you are newbies to the gym you might gain a few pounds of muscles but after few months your growth will stop. You will get more frustrated and even might leave the gym and stop working out.


Now I will explain in detail what happens actually. When you continue lifting lighter weights with higher reps you continue to increase your endurance, when you should be gaining muscles. This form of exercise are important for athletes like marathon runners, footballers etc. This is not the strategy for a person who is trying to loose fat. The best way to loose fat is by gaining more amount of muscles. It has been researched  the that for every pound of muscle you gain you would loss 50 calories more. Lean muscle tissue boost your metabolism and ability to burn fat.

Any person who is trying to loose fat must keep his focus on lifting heavier weight.Keeping the rep range in between 6-12.Within this rep range you will be able to lift higher weights.

HIIT(High intensity interval training)

Using, HIIT is the only way we can use higher reps with lighter weight for fat loss .In HIIT the main purpose is to perform a certain exercise for a fixed period of time (ideally 30 secs) followed by 20 secs of rest period.Repeat this exercise for 4-5 times for a particular exercise.

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france vs argentina | history | prediction | preview | team news |odds | h2h | predicted team

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France vs Argentina | history | prediction | preview | odds | h2h | betting tips | 2018 | 2014 | predicted team

The last time french time faced Argentina in 2009 where the faced a bitter  2-0 defeat.Going through the history of these two teams ,they have faced 11 times in international matches .And seeing the record we can clearly say that Argentina hols the upper hand. As the have won 6 times against the the euro cup finalist.But this time it seems that the scenario could change a bit.As this France team is being called their golden generation,as the team is star studded.France have face Argentina twice in the world cup but never have been able to defeat them.This time they would surely try to change this record

According the way the two teams played in the world cup till now.My prediction is that France will defeat Argentina 2-1.As in this world cup France has looked like a team capable of winning the world cup and it has been completely opposite for Argentina.

The french team had a relatively easy tournament but it has been the opposite for the two times for the champions.The first game of the knock out stage is about to be a mouth watering contest.
Its' Messi vs Griezmann ,Mbappe vs Agureo ,Pogba vs Banega. This could be all time world cup classics.
According to Didier Deschamps he has tested his bench in the group stage and their individual attributes will allow some indulgences.
And according to Jorge Sampaoli Messi would require the support of his team mates to perform at his best.

Team news
France will be without Benjamin Mendy due to a muscle injury.
Lucas Hernandez should be available and Deschamps is suppose to recall the players whom he rested against Denmark.Nebil Fekir can starts for the blues.

The odds are in favour of France.Todays bet is on france.

France and Argentina has been head to head twice in world cup and both times Argentina has won
1-0.And in all 11 matches played between the two Argentina have won 6 times,France 3 times,2 times it has been a draw.

Predicted Team
France 11:Lloris; Pavard; Varane; Umtiti; Hernandez; Kante; Pogba; Mbappe; Griezmann; Giroud; Fekir; 
Argentina 11:Armani; Marcedo; Otamendi; Rojo;Tagliafico; parez; Mascherano; Banega; Di Maria;Messi; Aguero


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